IBC: A safe and secure co-working space to excel the best out of you

25,June,2021Riley Gilbert

A workspace, ideally, should be equally enjoyable for everyone. IBCs officing-options suit employees working at different positions in an organization and company. Our office options include, but are not limited to, meeting room, hot desks, cubicle room, dedicated desk, private office suite, and boardroom; to enhance your workplace’s efficiency and productivity. Our offices are designed to impact their surrounding environment with positive energies. They are also designed to overcome workplace shortcomings in a rather healthier and productive manner. Thereby, all of our designs impact work-related behaviours in a rather positive manner. As a result, our office spaces raise work-motivation levels, and thus productivity as well. Our officing options are diverse and are discussed in this article with a deeper insight and greater detail.

Cubicle Rooms: Ilford Business Center

Cubical Rooms in Essex | Ilford Business Center

Let us start with the fact that the IBC cubicle rooms are sound-proof. This means that your workforce will not be affected by any distraction. These distractions are generally visual and auditory distractions and are however curbed by the intelligently designed cubicle rooms of the IBC. As a result, the cubicle-rooms, as provided by the IBC,  eliminate the visual and auditory distractions, making the workforce ultimately better focused on the respective jobs. The IBC cubicle rooms isolate employees, managers, and other office workers from the workplace distractions that are bound to occur. The visual and auditory distractions are therefore eliminated for good. As a result, your workforce becomes better concentrated with all the employees focused on their job with minimum distractions.

Boardroom: Ilford Business Center

Boardroom for rent in Essex | Ilford Business Center

As for the IBC-provided boardroom, it comes with all the required characteristics. It has a large enough board table to have every board member seated. The boardroom is situated in a sound-proof room. Not only this, but an additional facility of presentation systems is also available. Further concerning the boardrooms, the IBC provides a boardroom that goes beyond providing all the required characteristics. That is a board table that ideally a must-have. Also, the crucial decisions of any organization are taken in a board meeting that takes place in a boardroom or conference room. This is the reason why IBC provides a boardroom with additional characteristics; the large-screen televisions are an example.

Meeting Room: Ilford Business Center

Meeting Rooms in Essex | Ilford Business Center

Your meeting room environment casts a significant effect on your meetings. For that reason, the meeting rooms provided by IBC entail all the human considerations. It, therefore, takes care of each and every aspect of the meeting room. Whether humane or not, IBC takes every corner of your meeting room seriously to a rather extent. No matter how small or large, the meeting rooms provided by the IBC do not compromise anything at all. 

As discussed earlier as well, your meeting room environment can have a considerable effect on your meetings, and that the meeting rooms provided by IBC entail all the human considerations. On that account, our meeting rooms have abundant spaces as well. Not only this, but they are one of the top meeting spaces in London with comfy chairs, energy-boosting colours, and much more.

Hot Desking: Ilford Business Center

Talk about the hot desks provided by the IBC, it lets you have greater cost reduction without compromising the work efficiency and work productivity at all. The hot-desks, ones provided by the IBC, serve you with the cheapest hot-desking facility. The hot desks by the IBC are work-efficient hot desks that can be used by different employees at different times, but with equal ease and facility. If your company has just been set up, or even if it has been running tight on budget, and has become subject to various complications, IBC’s cheapest yet work-productive hot desk option has got your back, where office desks are used by different employees at different times. The IBC, therefore, is justified in its claim of providing hot-desking where you have greater cost-reduction without compromising the work-productivity.

Private Offices: Ilford Business Center

Private Office to Rent in Essex | Ilford Business Center

In addition to the aforementioned services, IBC also offers a personal desk and dedicated desk services. A private office is a detached area in a working space for better privacy, control, focus, and prestige. And so, it is out of ear-reach of and from the other companies. As the name suggests, a dedicated desk is exclusively assigned for use to a particular person. IBC provides you with your own personal desk, which will just be good as some co-working space. Your internet service will include 24/7 access with a backup connection as well. The personal desk service as provided by the IBC takes care of every necessity. Furthermore, IBC also offers private office suits. Concerning that, IBC provides in London executive offices with all the private-office-suit-necessities. These necessities include, however, are not limited to: internet, cleaning services, reception staff, wifi, kitchen facilities, mail services, security staff, and much more. That said, IBC offers the luxuries of a dedicated desk or private office suites depending on your budget.