Entrust Secretarial Services To IBC, Leverage Your Time Better

Get good-riddance of the company-secretarial-services now, by making the most of IBC's virtual-secretarial-services to have your organization achieve new heights.

Package Acceptance

IBC Does Package Acceptance For You When You Cannot.

There are times when you might not be available to receive your package through some mail. And this pending in your package acceptance may cost you or your business, if the package holds some significance. IBC, in one of its virtual secretarial services, accepts packages in time on your behalf, for once or as long as you would like to be served with this secretarial service.

Entrusting us with your package acceptance will have you the following benefits:

  • An on-time receiving of your package.
  • Your package stays safe and sound with us. 
  • No alteration of your package in whatsoever form.
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Scan & Email

IBC Takes Care To Scan Or Email, So You Can Leverage Your Resources Better.

A Scan-to-Email lets you scan a photo or a document, and later initializes the email application and attaches the scanned file as JPEG image to the new forwarding message. Whether you have resources for performing this or not, the same source could be utilized better somewhere else. IBC, thus in one of its secretarial services, performs Scan & Email on its clients’ behalf.

By allowing IBC take care of scanning and emailing of your documents:

  • You make the most out of your organizational resources.
  • You perform better business development with the time saved.
  • Relief from scanning and then emailing large numbers of documents.

Printing & Copy Service

Sigh A Relief By Using IBC’s Printing And Copy Secretarial Services

Copying, as the name suggests, refers to making copies of a document. As for the printing, it refers to taking-out prints of the documents. Although these two tasks may seem simpler at first, however, in fact, they are not. Worry not, for, the Company secretarial services of IBC relieves you from rigorous and tiresome scanning and copying of an extensive amount of documents.

Using IBC’s Printing And Copy Secretarial Services provides you the following benefits:

  • Good riddance from printing and copying a never-ending number of documents.
  • Eliminating going through the painful labor to scan and print.
  • Making your day-to-day tasks rather precise and productive.


Email Account Management

Have Your Email-Accounts Sorted And Organized Using IBC’s Company Secretarial Services

Email-management concerns the structurized control, of the quality and quantity both, of the messages that are sent electronically from within, and received by, an organization. The huge amount of the emails present into different folders impacts the email servers negatively. However with IBC you sigh a relief, as it looks-over and manages your Email-accounts better.

Opting IBC for your email management gives you the following perks:

  • Your emails become sorted and organized.
  • Your email-server remains no longer vulnerable.
  • Your organization keeps up with every email due to the systemized system.

Worldwide Cloud Service

Lag Your Competitors Behind By Using IBC’s Worldwide-Cloud-Service

Cloud services refers to the services, such as accessing applications and resources, delivered over the internet, without actually having or needing the required hardware. IBC, in one of its secretarial services, provides its clients with an easy and affordable cloud-based access from any part of the world to different resources without requiring a concerned internal infrastructure.

IBC’s Worldwide-Cloud-Service gives you an edge over competitors in the following ways:

  • A cloud-based service with zero vulnerability to security breach.
  • A cloud-based service with a user-friendly interface.
  • A cloud-based service functional from any part of the world.

Private Office Suits

A private office is a detached area in a working space for better privacy, control, focus, and prestige. And so, it is out of ear-reach of and from the other companies. IBC provides in London executive offices with all the private-office-suit-necessities: internet, cleaning services, reception staff, wifi, kitchen facilities, mail services, security staff, and significantly much more.