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Find fully equipped space to meet up - IBC offers furnished Meeting Rooms in London, no matter how many participants there are

Affordable Meeting Rooms for Hire London

Finding a suitable meeting room London can be exhausting, and often not too successful. Even if you're able to find one on short notice, there are often hidden fees that you might not know about until too late.

IBC offers affordable meeting rooms for hire London with diverse amenities and equipped to handle any kind of business meeting. This means more freedom and less hassle when it comes to scheduling your meetings and negotiations.

Give us a call today for an unrivaled experience that allows you to focus on what really matters: discussing ideas with your clients or co-workers.

Benefits of hiring Meeting Rooms in London

IBC provides clean and safe meeting rooms to boost up your productivity

The Place

Leave all worries behind when you arrive at IBC. Here we make sure everything is taken care of - from the meeting place itself to the coffee or tea we'll provide.


At IBC, we provide all the amenities you could possibly need - from whiteboards and wireless internet to cordless microphones and projectors.


We offer a walk-in service where our clients are able to go in without an appointment which is essential during emergencies.

Safe & Secure

Meetings are a private and secure environment for your attendees. Book as many luxury meeting rooms as required so your attendees never feel like they're on top of each other

Clean & Quiet

Our cool meeting rooms London are always tidy and free from clutter, which is important when it comes to formal discussions. We provide soundproof walls, so conversations won't be overheard.

Affordable Pricing

We offer both monthly and daily rates depending on your needs. So make sure to call us today so we can work out a package just for you!

IBC - Offering Professional Meeting Rooms in London

Technology is great when used as a way to share ideas, but there is nothing like talking in person with fellow professionals to build important relationships. Technology cannot replace an in-person meeting when it comes to truly making an impact on your colleagues or clients.

That's why we offer Meeting Rooms available for rent, regardless of size and number of participants. Simply book the space, contact IBC to confirm your reservation, and show up! We've done all the work necessary to create a lovely meeting space where you can connect face-to-face with those that matter most.

Why Choose Us

The IBC Meeting Rooms offer excellent amenities and plenty of space. We want your meeting in London to be productive and successful, so we offer you many ways to bring your team together for the conference call.

The IBC Meeting Rooms are the perfect place for any sort of conference or private discussion, with no surprises or hidden fees. For anyone who want to hire a meeting room in London, contact us today!