Easier the Customer-Retention with IBC Call Answering Services

Enjoy newer heights of customer-loyalty with our continuous and uninterrupted call handling services.

Required information provided

IBC Presents A Great Picture Of Its Clientele

In its 24/7 call answering services, IBC also includes providing enquired organizational-information. This is the cheapest call answering service included in the services of IBC. Albeit, this call answering service for small businesses is mostly suitable, our telephone answering service in the UK can cost minimum to huge or medium-sized organizations as well.

Choosing IBC is appropriate for the following reasons:

  • One of the cheapest services across the whole UK
  • Fits the budget of small-businesses well.
  • Well-suited to the marketing needs of medium and large organizations.

Welcome message

We Welcome Our Clients’ Customers As Our Own

Sending a warm and respectful welcome message is a basic customer support rule. A good welcome message, therefore, not only establishes the groundwork for a longer relationship with the client, it also convinces the customers that they are being valued. IBC in its best call answering service in the UK entails well-mannered and regardful welcome-message service.

Why you should choose IBC to welcome your customers:

  • IBC understands the importance of customer-care in the business today.
  • IBC considers your clients as its own.
  • IBC has a proven experience in providing effective customer-service.
Book Now

Book any appointments

IBC Books Appointments Mindfully At Any Given Time And Day

Getting on the patient self-scheduling bandwagon is not easier for every business. Neither is providing an around-the-clock appointment service for customers. IBC in its cheapest call answering service includes scheduling installments for your customers at any time of the day. We collect data and make appointments carefully, so as to avoid any conflicting appointments.

Having your customers’ appointments booked with IBC benefits you in the following ways:

  • A list of cancellations and no-shows continuously updated.  
  • Careful consideration of whether an in-person appointment is needed.
  • Cautiously made appointments, and so few to none double-bookings.

Schedule call transfer

IBC Performs Call Forwarding At The Right Time.

A scheduled call transfer is an extension of a basic call-forwarding. It presumes that a user would need to be, or could be, forwarded calls during a certain time only. IBC provides a 24/7 service at scheduling call transfers to save you from the hassle of enabling and disabling the forwarding everyday, so you may sigh a relief when it comes to forwarding calls at the right time.

Why you should be choosing IBC:

  • A call-forwarding-sheet is made use of to forward the calls, when there is time to.
  • IBC takes care to enable and disable call-forwarding every day.
  • IBC saves you from much hassle.

Transfer urgent calls to you (or your team)

An In-time Transfer Of Calls Made Possible with IBC

While the scheduled call transfer does not entail much of an urgency, some calls, nevertheless, carry more importance, and, therefore, are required to be transferred to the concerned person or team as a matter of emergency. At IBC, other than providing scheduled call-transfer services, we also provide a 24/7 service of transferring urgent calls to you, or your team, in good time.

Having IBC by your-side gets you following perks:

  • An around-the-clock immediate transfer of urgent calls.
  • No negligence whatsoever in taking calls.
  • A mutually agreed back-up for the calls at your off-times.