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IBC: A safe and secure co-working space to excel the best out of you

The cubicle-rooms, as provided by the IBC,  eliminate the visual and auditory distractions, making the workforce ultimately better focused on the respective jobs.

25, June, 2021
Secretarial services
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Get More Done with IBC's Better and Successful Secretarial Services!

Are you looking for hiring secretarial services for your business? If yes, then here is all the information you need to know about secretarial services. 

27, July, 2021
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Hot Desking with IBC: The way to cost-reduction

Now reduce your cost of working with IBC Hot Desking. IBC is the leading name to provide Hot Desk in Ilfred London.

02, July, 2021
Meeting Rooms by IBC
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The way to make meeting rooms more effective

There are three considerations IBC uses in designing effective meeting rooms: different spaces for different meetings, aesthetics of the meeting-room, and giving creative names.

05, July, 2021
Secretarial Services by IBC
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Understanding the Boardroom Services

A boardroom is a room within an organization where all the board members put their heads together. IBC provides such boardrooms with all the necessary features.

08, July, 2021
Boardrooms What Are The Mandatory Things To Ponder Before Opting A Boardroom
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Boardrooms | What are the mandatory things to ponder before opting for a boardroom?

There are several things to ponder before opting for a boardroom, all of which play vital role in meeting/conference output. From boardroom table or conference table to the whole conference room or training room Ilford Business Centre keeps all of the necessary accessories of a boardroom maintained and desirous.

14, July, 2021
Virtual offices
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Get quality virtual offices services in economical budget in ilford

From start-up companies and established companies looking to expand, virtual offices are a flexible solution. Get to know more about them here.

20, July, 2021
Group Meeting Accessories
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Meeting Rooms | Rental Workspace | Accessories & Products

Meeting Rooms with professionalized furnishing and environment greatly adds to the meeting outcome, Ilford Business Centre provides such meeting rooms that are solely arranged for attaining the best outcomes possible.

03, August, 2021