Understanding the Boardroom Services

08,July,2021Riley Gilbert

A boardroom is where all the board members of an organization are gathered for a meeting. A boardroom is also sometimes called a conference room or a meeting room.  A company boardroom can be used for different purposes. It may be used for different types of meetings and may also serve as a training room.

In larger organizations, a boardroom might be a little different from the smaller or medium-sized organizations. The difference being in that the larger organizations may have larger windows with an aesthetic view. That being said, some companies, or small companies to be precise, may not even have windows at all, let alone having some view. Some companies, on the other hand, may have more than one boardroom. It is also pertinent to mention that the boardrooms may need to be reserved in advance, so as to avoid an on-time conflict or confusion.

Boardroom Insights

Every board room includes a conference table and a chair. Small boardrooms may be able to seat upto six members. Larger boardrooms may be able to seat up to fourteen members or more. As for the boardroom chairs, they are necessarily covered with leather. Regardless of the organizational sphere, a boardroom chair is never left with bare wood or metal. A conference table can be of any shop. In smaller organizations it could be round or square, while being oval or rectangular in larger organizations or boardrooms. As far as the design is concerned, a boardroom table could be of a u-shape. Along with that, it may also have a section splitted in-between. The split-section basically is for having any training equipment or some video conferencing equipment placed.

Boardroom for finer presentation

Boardrooms, for the purpose of making video or presentation equipment safer, also include storing cabinets. However, some boardrooms have rather fancier cabinets, so as to give the storage units a furniture-like look. Besides fancier cabinets, some boardrooms may also include a coffee-cart, an air-conditioner, and an internet-port. A boardroom may also have presentation equipment installed in the ceiling of a building. The very equipment can then be lowered when needed, and raised up to its place when not in use. Microphones may also be entailed in the boardrooms. The reason being to allow every member to be heard while speaking, without having to put extra-effort in raising the voice and be heard.


Talk about the white board, they are also entailed in a boardroom. Fancier boardrooms may have camera-controlled interactive white boards. Such equipment lets anyone present in the boardroom to write on a screen with a camera embedded. This also helps in having the notes transferred to the white board in the room.

Boardrooms and IBC: What do we provide?

Many crucial decisions of any organization are made in the board meetings which take place in a boardroom or conference room. For that reason, IBC provides a boardroom with all the required characteristics: a conference table or a board table large enough to seat all the board members in a sound-proof room with presentation systems and large-screen televisions.